Benefits Of Therapy Animals In Retirement Homes

The healing benefits of animals with the elderly have been tried and tested many times over the years and the verdict is a positive one. They can range from ordinary animals like cats or dogs to exotic things such as a kangaroo. They are used in many other therapy applications but now we are going to talk about the benefits of therapy animals in retirement homes in Michigan.

To the sick, unwell, or unhappy therapy animals can have many beneficial physical effects. They are known to lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, relax respiratory patters, increase motivation, decrease pain episodes, encourage speech, and increase the patients will to live. On top of that they are very effective with emotional needs as well. They reduce stress, grief, fear, pain and even loneness. They give the patients an opportunity to focus on an external source and distract them. Therapy animals can even provide entertainment or a social encounter for multiple patients.

Domesticated animals in general are very accepting of human beings and they often increase our confidence and self-esteem. For the physically or sexually abused, animals help them learn that appropriate and safe touch does exist. With the elderly Therapy animals are found to spark up happy memories, give a sense of reality, and even increase their sense of life and the need to live.

There are studies that state that a patient sitting quietly stroking an animal can reduce blood pressure. It gives you a sense of calm and ease. There has even been progress stating that Alzheimer’s patients have reduced outbreaks when there is an animal in the home. Dogs specifically are being used for their ability to sense possible strokes, cancer, seizures, and many other health concerns. A dog could potentially help catch an issue early enough to treat it.

Daily walks with a dog are especially beneficial. For the elderly this could be the difference between some exercise and none at all. Even a short walk to take them to the bathroom provides some benefit. The natural behaviors of dogs such as unconditional love, quick forgiveness, and entertainment all assist towards living a longer healthier life.

Many nursing homes in Michigan allow pets to be brought with for these reasons and some even have community pets that are for everyone. Many mi assisted living centers understand the benefits of therapy animals and are more than willing to use them. Keep in mind though; some individuals are allergic to animals so there are obviously a good amount of homes that do not allow animals. So if that is your desire make sure to do some research first.

Therapy Animals are of great benefit to more than retirement home occupants. They provide a much needed benefit to just about everyone. These benefits are by no means exclusive. Heritage Community uses these little (and sometimes not so little) helpers as much as they can. The fact is that animals are great to have around and if should be explored if you are interested.

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